As of next week, my toothbrush will have more bandwidth than most servers 😬
The ISP just announced an upgrade to 25Gbit/s for no additional monthly cost ( I only had to pay a one time fee for the SFP module ). It will be interesting to see if there's any real-world use-cases where I can see even half of that bandwidth in action...

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@gryphius Can I host my blog on your toothbrush? It probably has the storage!

@silverwizard absolutely, but please note that my toothbrush falls under the standard IOT device security SLA ("if it moves, shoot it")

@gryphius what router are you using that supports the 25G SFP? (I am currently running ubiquiti stuff (supports 10G max.) I looked for hardware which supported 25G but couldn’t find anything at “reasonable” costs < 2k CHF

@c11 I'm using the same build as suggested in this blog

I use opnsense instead of his custom firewall software though. My internet speedtests max out at 20Gbps currently(not sure if due to my setup or outside conditions - finding a reliable test server is quite hard). Michael got slightly better results at up to 23 Gbps :

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