After 2.5 years (and a total of 35 game sessions, each one 4-6 hours long), we have finished our "Waterdeep Dragon Heist" campaign.
The doors to the *Fearless Squirrel Tavern* remain open however, so if you find yourself in Waterdeep, be sure to drop by and enjoy a glass of the finest Mirarbar whiskey with our heroes! 🥃

As of next week, my toothbrush will have more bandwidth than most servers 😬
The ISP just announced an upgrade to 25Gbit/s for no additional monthly cost ( I only had to pay a one time fee for the SFP module ). It will be interesting to see if there's any real-world use-cases where I can see even half of that bandwidth in action...

Was macht der Pirat am Computer? Er drückt die Entertaste. 🙄

Die neue Folge vom Security Awareness insider Podcast zum Thema "Hacker Island" jetzt live auf und wo man sonst so Podcasts hört.

Current status: ✂️ next episode for the Podcast. 🦄
It's always a fun challenge to cut down and reorder 60+ minutes of raw material to ~35 minutes in a way that the conversation still makes sense. A little bit like Audio-Tetris .

zoneinfo_test.go:21: 🇮🇱 ישראל. ( xn--4dbrk0ce. ) : New Delegation

vs reality. -8

@diffroot adds fancy emojis . flags for all ccTLDs and a few suitable icons for some gtlds . Was quite fun copying these directly into the source code. Unless you're working on windows, then obviously some of the emojis won't be displayed. *sigh*

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