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@diffroot adds fancy emojis . flags for all ccTLDs and a few suitable icons for some gtlds . Was quite fun copying these directly into the source code. Unless you're working on windows, then obviously some of the emojis won't be displayed. *sigh*

Gleich mal nach rechts swipen: Die neue Folge vom Security Awareness Insider Podcast rund um (Vertrauens-)beziehungen in der IT-Security ist online :

..and if I write one myself, will it be called tootzonechanges? probably.

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Ok, i found a year progress bot on fedi, but Is there also one for root zone changes?

I decided to write a post covering some of the common misconceptions and misunderstandings which have been addressed by myself and others in #feditips posts. It's still a work in progress, and I'm open for suggestions for improving and expanding it, but I hope that this is useful to newcomers.

Bon texte (avec dessins) sur le fonctionnement du #DNS (en anglais). Payant (mais je l'ai acheté et je confirme qu'il est bien).

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